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Danny's Farm Charitable Foundation shelters and cares for over 21 animals. We take great pride in giving our animals the best quality of life possible. The bond that our staff and visitors create with these animals is something that can't be found anywhere else. Although we would love to care for every animal possible, we cannot do this without the support of our donors. Please contact us or click the "Donate" button below to learn about sponsoring an animal at the farm.
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Danny's Farm / Animals

Mama pig is just getting her smile back after being rescued with her baby from a horrible hoarding situation.  She enjoys being ‘The Greeter,’ the first to welcome visitors and volunteers to Danny’s Farm.  While she loves to say hello, she is still working on her self-confidence.  She is a great mama and wants to be loved by all.  


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She is a very cute little girl. Born Oct 28. All black with two white legs and a perfect white heart on her brow.  The heart is a symbol of wanting to share her love to all.  She was rescued with her mother from a horrible hoarding situation.  She is slowly building self-confidence, but still looks to her mama for guidance.  She is a lovebug

This young lady is the boss of the farm.  She demands food, attention and likes to be the leader.  She can be very vocal especially at 6am.  You can’t help but to fall in love with her.  She is a strong woman with a tender heart.

She has very distinct markings.  Tri-color with very bright eyes.  She is a beauty and knows it.  She loves being brushed, pampered and loves attention from ones that she trusts.  She is a true beauty queen. 


She is a doll.  She wants to be your best friend especially if you have treats.  She gets along with everyone, and loves her new pig friends.   She is happy, beautiful, kind and waits to be loved.  She is a heartbreaker. A true best friend

Sunny is the only boy Nigerian Dwarf Goat there and he thinks he’s in charge, but he often gets outshined by the ladies. He’s also the only goat present with horns. He does escape, but he doesn’t escape as often as his sister.


Isabel is Sunny’s sister. She loves to play escape artist and she’s the smartest of the goats. Isabelle will use anything to escape her pen. Stairs, tables, she’ll even use our donkey Glitter’s back. Isabel is named after a young beautiful woman in Utah named Isabel Carter

T-Rex was our first Mini-Horse. He is 25 years old, which is very old for a horse. He is a very calm horse and loves children. He was named T-Rex because he was super thin when we got him to the point where his bones were sticking out like an actual T-Rex. We gave him some extra food, love, and veterinarian care and now he looks amazing. A volunteer took a few months sitting in his stall to help him accept human kindness.

in Loving Memory

Glitter is our sweet Nubian Mini-Donkey who approaches you when you get close to her. But she didn’t start off that way. We got her on the border of Texas and Mexico where she had been abused. Upon our arrival she was being ridden by a full grown adult. When we brought her home she was so afraid she was even scared of her own shadow. Fortunately, one of our volunteers named Lisa, with a lot of socializing, managed to soothe Glitter. After 10-12 months of bonding Glitter is now fully socialized and is open to being pet and loved by people. Every day she enjoys people more and more and will come up to you with a smile on her face. She is the heart of the farm.

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Trout is a 5 year old Great Pyraneese. He is a huge dog that loves to be hugged by the children.  He is often seen laying in front of the air condition or walking around the ranch keeping a watchful eye on his farm friends.  Trout is one of a kind and loves his work on the Farm


Star is one of our rabbits. He is called that because he has a little spot on his nose that looks like the upper part of a star. He is a California White rabbit. While he has scary looking red eyes because he’s Albino, he’s a really nice rabbit. He and his sister came from the California Humane Society. Star is really friendly and loves to be pet. When he’s digging in the sand his sister is usually doing her own thing.


Cupcake is Star’s sister. She’s called that because of the little spot on her nose that looks like a smudge from a cupcake. Like her brother Star she’s a California White rabbit. She has the same eyes as her brother. Unlike her brother she’s a lot more shy and has to get used to you first. She enjoys digging in the sand alone.


JoJo for short for Johah.  She is 9 months old and is named after a young boy with Autism named Jonah Selber. JoJo follows her sister Blu everywhere. She is a happy, calm lamb.   Her mother rejected JoJo shortly after she was born.  She was dependent on bottles and love from people to keep her alive.  She shows her gratitude every day.  JoJo is loved by everyone.  

Blu is the kindest sheep you will ever meet.  She is always excited to meet new people, go on walks and loves her farm friends. She is known to escape during turnouts and dance her way to the haybales for an afternoon snack.  She walks around with a big smile on her face and brings happiness to all.